Tuesday 21 February 2012


We are back from the Brandon Shows Feb 17-20th.   Now the race is on to get ready for ASSA 2012!
Jackson picked up a couple more group placements, (2 - Group 3rds) thank you to Judges John Rowton & Breeder Judge Denise Cornelssen,  now he's home and can be "just a dog" for a bit before we leave for Florida.  Thank you Trina Neil for taking him in the ring for me, i had too much on my plate to show him too.
The BEST part of my weekend, was i finished each day PAIN FREE!  Still not sure if that is the cortisone shot, but wow, to be on concrete all weekend with no pain is so amazing!  :)
I was going to leave Jackson home, but was pep talked into bringing him after all to Florida.   We are getting so excited to be back in my favorite place ever!
Between Disney, Universal, the many parks and ASSA week, its going to be a blast.

We are hoping to have "expecting" news just before we leave, we will find out just before we fly out, if Diva is preggers.   Another one of our girls will be off to her new "guy" in the next few days, so fingers crossed on her too!

The next 10 days will be crazy, making sure house, dogs and yard is ready for us to go!   Our house sitters are gods! and move right in for us to go on this trip!

I heard over the weekend there was some new Titles on some of our Shelties.  I saw Patty R out there with her boy Juno in the novice class, taking a HIC at Brandon Shows.  Not sure if there is a new title or not.   Bev B with Sneak was out in Minneapolis area, playing USDAA and titled MAD for sure, will get more updates this week.
Nice weekend, the weather was awesome!  


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