Sunday 8 April 2012

Diva's babies have Arrived! Happy Easter

There was so much going on this week, i had it all planned out that i would drive Gossip (Our Finnish Lapphund) to Fargo ND, put her on a plane to Chicago to meet Gloria, and be shown at their "National".   Well i'd been taking Diva's temperature all week, and before i left for work Thursday am, it was REAL low! like lower than i had seen before in any pregnant ready girl.  Sigh............... a few phone calls to find other plans for Gossip and off she went with my Mom & Dad who wanted a quick trip to Fargo anyway s.    Diva was going to be pretty early, since her first due date was Sunday, and in my head her REAL due date was Tuesday.
She started her labour in the middle of the night.   At 5:40 her water broke & first puppy 40 mins later.  We were done by 9 am!  7 Babies in total!
"Diva" is a great mom, and is just the most tentative, we actually carry her out to potty so she will leave them a minute.  Proud Dad is "Rush"

 These are the 4 girls, one girl was very small but has gained huge since she was born, can barely tell

Here are the boys, there is also a small boy but he's managed awesome and is gaining along with his bigger brothers.
HAPPY EASTER everyone!

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