Friday 11 January 2013

Updated puppy Pics!

Well the Blizzard has hit Manitoba so i thought it would be a good time to do some pictures of the pups.

Here are Miley's Puppies, the 2 girls and boy.  Sired By "Finn"  Ch. Laureate Inception

 Darker girl
 Sable boy

We have a couple video Links also
We have a New Video of Miley x Finn Babies

Here are the Alexis & Jackson Pictures.    Three boys and then the Three Girls.   Being so close in age, there is a huge difference in size.   All getting very cute though.  :)

Here is a bit of a video of Alexis & Jackson's pups

Mom's are taking care of most of the Duties so far, i think i will start feeding the Alexis puppies this week, which means here comes the mess!  and more cute pictures of their first meal.  :)

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