Saturday 26 February 2011

I know their one year old Birthday passed but! i have to!

Ok these pictures are from some of my puppy people.  I was having a really bad day at work, and having a bad "dog" week too.  But heres how someone can just brighten your day and they dont even know it.   Thank you Robin & Craig!  We have hard times as breeders, trying to do the right thing, and usually means putting out hearts and our pocket books on the hook.  So i opened these up and almost cried.  I think the best part is not even Bella the B day girl, its their old dog, the look on his face like "why does she get the damn present"  Gosh, thank dog for Old dogs!    Again thanks!
And Happy Birthday to Quick, Bella, Harley, Rylee & Ziva on your First B day!

Spring around the corner?

Well its almost the end of February and the wind is howling out there, completely white out and its about -34 with the windchill, warmed up at noon.   Can we say we've had enough?  Dale and i decided to try to get some new pics of "Kane" our new blue boy here that arrived just this past Wednesday.   Well we ran him outside, took some shots and ran him back in to thaw him and the camera!  Here is one of the shots

We will try for more when it warms up.  
Here is a few shots of Lexi's Babies at almost 3 weeks!

bi black girl

bi blue boy
tri boy

Friday 25 February 2011

New babies

Wanted to announce that our new litter has arrived.  February 7th Alexis has 3 new babies.  A Bi blue boy, Tri boy & A Bi black girl!  All babies are doing wonderful!
We will post some new pictures this weekend

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Were Moving, Our Blog that is :)

I think i need to move the blog to Blogspot, i just cant get anything to work the way i want on my old one.   Will work a bit on this one and see how much easier things will be.