Tuesday 26 June 2012

Summer is really here!

Hello all, i've been away from the blog spending time in the yard and with puppies!
So we went from 7 puppies down to one, wow is it quiet in  here!   Welcome all our new families, i've been getting great emails and pictures of updates, and sounds like they are all keeping everyone VERY busy!

We are keeping the girl who was "plain faced" and now call her Selena.  No registered name yet

The pups are 12 weeks old this week, all are doing great!   We have some pics from owners ect that i have been sent, all i hear is VERY bold puppies that have no problems with meeting new people, new dogs, going to the vets, or any noises, cats, anything that comes there way!  Great!

Congrats to Cynthia with the sable plain faced boy who is now Emrys, Registered name to come!  This boy will hopefully be a lovely show prospect

This is Tavi with her new dad!

here is Seumas  who is a show hopeful and growing up with the Anders family!

Sera (still throwing names out there) with her new family the Vokeys

More to come soon!  These pups have been so much fun, and now we have another "Rush" Litter due middle of August, mother to be is Lyric!

Hope you all enjoy your summer, the weather is hot and humid, but its better than -40!   Hoping to get some new shots of the Gardens next