Thursday 4 October 2012


HAPPY FALL!   This little guy is from Lyric x Rush's litter, at 7 weeks old.   This cutey is 2 pounds at that age!

They were having some great fun

They are growing like crazy.   Some pups will be leaving after the long weekend, what a crazy house with 11 babies!
I wanted to add some of the great shots Brenda Campbell had gotten over the summer and at Nationals in May
 This is Rush, Ch. Anamchara Animal House the sire of Diva & Lyric's puppies.  He's looking very handsome!  We are loving what we are getting from this young boy.  Performance stars with great good looks & conformation!  Thank you Brenda Campbell for sharing, and also the lovely photo!

This shot was taken after CSSA Nationals thank you again Brenda C.  "Frankie" Ch. Cassbar's Badda Bing

Here is a braggin crew!  from L to R  Bev Benson & Feist, Terry Lambert & Tess, and Pat Burroughs with Jovi.   The team at Mal were having a blast with these new young kids.   Congrats!

Sunday 9 September 2012

4 week old baby pics! Starting to look like Shelties!

Here are Lyric's Babies.   Lyric is Ch. Kensil's Lyrical World at Cassbar and the sire is our lovely Co owned  boy "Rush" Ch. Anamchara Animal House, with Brenda Campbell.   What a cute bunch.   We got home from our trip Saturday and bathed them up the little furballs, I washed and Dale blow dried them.   
They are totally on the Potty box training, there is 2 boxes in there for them, which they are using  80% of the time already!   Crates will be moved in today to get used to the sleeping in there, and we have some different surfaces in there also, balancing balls & different textures of wood/flooring.  

 Dark boy
 All 4 boys just bathed.  
 All 3 girls
Little Girl

We are very excited about these puppies!  Will update pictures every week on here.

Here are the "Quick" Ch. Cassbar's Agile Quick Step ADC, CGN babies sired by "Groovey" Ch. Cassbar's Game on HIC
This litter is 2 weeks old this coming tuesday, so eyes are starting to open, and they are looking good!

Thursday 30 August 2012

Sept Long just around the corner!

We have had a summer that has just flown by!  We have had a great hot summer, and now its time to go into the fall, and hopefully a bit cooler temps.  We have a couple new litters here!   Lyric Ch. Kensil's Lyrical World at Cassbar had SEVEN pups sired by "Rush" Ch. Anamchara Animal House.  They are all doing well and are now 3 weeks old tomorrow!   That is August 31

here they are as newborns
 These are the boys
These are the girls

The babies had their first meal, we just had to take a few shots of them

That is messy business!  I get Mom in to clean them all up after they had trashed the box and themselves!  :)

We will update pictures this weekend.

Also Our Visitor who we co own with Renee Hughe's in BC, has blessed us with 4 new babies sired by Groovey just this Tuesday.    So Quick Ch. Cassbar's Agile Quick Step ADC, HIC has 4 babies, 2 girls 2 boys by Ch. Cassbar's Game On HIC.  We are very excited about them, and hope to get some new born shots of them also on the weekend.   

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Summer is really here!

Hello all, i've been away from the blog spending time in the yard and with puppies!
So we went from 7 puppies down to one, wow is it quiet in  here!   Welcome all our new families, i've been getting great emails and pictures of updates, and sounds like they are all keeping everyone VERY busy!

We are keeping the girl who was "plain faced" and now call her Selena.  No registered name yet

The pups are 12 weeks old this week, all are doing great!   We have some pics from owners ect that i have been sent, all i hear is VERY bold puppies that have no problems with meeting new people, new dogs, going to the vets, or any noises, cats, anything that comes there way!  Great!

Congrats to Cynthia with the sable plain faced boy who is now Emrys, Registered name to come!  This boy will hopefully be a lovely show prospect

This is Tavi with her new dad!

here is Seumas  who is a show hopeful and growing up with the Anders family!

Sera (still throwing names out there) with her new family the Vokeys

More to come soon!  These pups have been so much fun, and now we have another "Rush" Litter due middle of August, mother to be is Lyric!

Hope you all enjoy your summer, the weather is hot and humid, but its better than -40!   Hoping to get some new shots of the Gardens next

Sunday 27 May 2012

Home at Last!

Where does the time go!  The puppies are 7 weeks old, and boy are they BUSY!
We ventured off to the Finnish Lapphund Nationals last weekend in Regina, as you know Gossip our Lappy had a litter in October and her puppies were all in the show!  I was lucky to get to show Jameson, the boy puppy owned by Mike & Laura MacDonald in Michigan.   What a great little boy, he picked up WD the first day out, and second day he took WD, BOW,  BOB & BPIB over several lovely specials in the booster sunday!  I think he's at 6 points, with that being his first day in the ring in Canada!  His litter mates, Thyme & Rowdy also did amazingly well!  Thyme picked up a WB at the National & a  Best Puppy In Group (and now has several) Rowdy also picked up WD BOW & Best Puppy at the National and Monday a Best Puppy in Group!
What a amazing weekend!  Thanks to Gloria Beaudin for deciding who Gossip should be bred to, and managing the litter so well, while i had my own at home with Lexi.

So onto the Diva & Rush babies.   I took them to work on Friday, had a visit with lots of employee's and customers, they got to spend some time outside with the noise of a busy industrial shop, and planes, trucks and sandblasting going on on top of that.   Then off to the Vets for shots, and check ups after work.  Everyone had their shots and hearts, eyes all look great!     Next morning (Saturday) Gloria & Pat came over to help with the Temperment tests, and getting the puppy fix!  Many visitors of friends, new puppy parents, and then Dale and i did some pictures to end the day!   

  Here are the boys!

And all the girls!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

And were off! Canadian Nationals here we come!

So were ready to leave tomorrow morning.   Jackson, Frankie & Rush are ready for the big flight into London Ontario.  Our Good friend Brenda Campbell will pick us up at the airport, a quick trip to her house to pack and were off to Ancaster!

Ill post these pics of the babies from the weekend.  Wow how fast they have changed.   We are busy busy, eating mainly puppy food now.   Mom goes in twice a day to feed them and keep up her motherly activities.. playing with them and teaching them some manners.  :)

here they are at 4 weeks old.   The boys first
 Plain faced boy
 smudged boy
 biggest boy
 girl #1
 fancy girl
 plain faced girl
Girl #4

So far everyone is very alike, only having a few ounces difference in sizes.   Good thing their markings are very different.  I arrive home Sunday May 13 from Nationals, im sure they will change lots when im gone.  We will try to do new pics at that time.   Enjoy!

Sunday 29 April 2012

What a trooper of a Mom!

The puppies are getting cute and busy!  

 The babies are growing!  We are feeding Diva as much as we can, so she can keep up.   The babies are also eating puppy food along with the Goats Milk!  Gaining and healthy as can be!
We will do some 4 week old shots this upcoming weekend.  

Monday 23 April 2012

The babies are doing awesome!

Well the pups are doing great, they are just over 2 weeks old and have already had their first meal on Sunday.   With that many (7) we decided to feed them a meal of mush and goats milk.  Well you can imagine what they looked like after, here are some shots of their "first time"

 This is the smallest of boy and girls, they were in there right away, which i knew would happen, these are always the 2 im worried about not getting enough!
 I think we need Diva for clean up duty!
Sometimes you just gotta go for it  All in!!!