Thursday 31 January 2013

Newest video

Our Morning Sunrise in January, we should have known better, a blizzard was 12 hours away.  

 Click Here for the latest Video's of the pups together

Just Random shots

 Diva never thinks i throw the ball quick enough. ;)

Thats the sun going down against the snow & high windchills 
 A Blue Jay at my Parents house

 Jackson cooling his brain in the snow!

 Posi creeping up on the ball (or me with it)
Rush & Kane neck in neck!!

Sunday 27 January 2013

5 Week old puppy pics!

Here are the babies, we did some pictures this weekend.

Tri boy `Smudge` 
 Tri boy 
Tri boy  
 Bi black 
 Tri boy
Tri boy

`Finn x Miley

Sable girl
 Red Sable Girl
Sable boy

Friday 11 January 2013

Updated puppy Pics!

Well the Blizzard has hit Manitoba so i thought it would be a good time to do some pictures of the pups.

Here are Miley's Puppies, the 2 girls and boy.  Sired By "Finn"  Ch. Laureate Inception

 Darker girl
 Sable boy

We have a couple video Links also
We have a New Video of Miley x Finn Babies

Here are the Alexis & Jackson Pictures.    Three boys and then the Three Girls.   Being so close in age, there is a huge difference in size.   All getting very cute though.  :)

Here is a bit of a video of Alexis & Jackson's pups

Mom's are taking care of most of the Duties so far, i think i will start feeding the Alexis puppies this week, which means here comes the mess!  and more cute pictures of their first meal.  :)

Tuesday 1 January 2013

More Winter Fun! Nothing like a good ball play in -30 temps!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome 2013!!!

Happy New Year everyone!  We have kept you updated with email, but will also try to keep the blog updated also.  Had some great days off since Christmas, with puppies arriving also, its been a great holiday!

Here is what the dogs think i should be doing all day!  Chucking the ball for them!  Enjoy

Here are the new batch of babies we had.   All puppies are doing awesome from both litters.  We are so thrilled with these litters, cant believe they are here!!!
Here are Alexis & Jackson's babies   6 in total!

Here are Miley's babies, 3 in total