Sunday 27 March 2011

Kane lost Story! March 27, 2011

So much happened in March that i didnt even think to mention it before my last post. I've been meaning to write this for awhile.   "Kane" Amanchara Prototype,  our new puppy was LOST in March! He had either gotten out of our front gate, or ??? it was 9pm on a friday we still dont even know how it happened.  Kane was 12 weeks old, 6 pounds & out for over 36 hrs in the cold (-20c). I've never been threw such hell.  I was sick, didnt sleep, couldnt think straight.  We had SO many people come out to help us, the sheltie community never mind just the dog community was so helpful.  They scoured bush, neighbors, sheds, land, snow, crevices for hours a day, night and day.  Never did we see him.  I even had a plane do a overhead search to possibly pick him off the snow being so white.  Nothing.  A good friend of my Dads, Harvey Bell, brought out a Quad Saturday night.  Well i got on that thing and never wanted to get off.  I could cover so much ground on it. I was so sore already from being up and out day and night.  I searched till it was too dark to try anymore.  Next morning (sunday) i went and got dale and said lets go eat, we cant keep up like this with no food.  Then back to the Quad.  It was sunny out, but still cold.  I spent that morning going threw the Colony's (Hutterites )Equipment areas, garbage dump area.  they have such huge areas for hiding.  I saw so many coyote's, hawks,  i couldnt help but bawling my eyes out knowing this was getting so hopeless.    I pulled up to Dale, he was way out in a bush across from our house about 1/2 km.  I had my head low, and just said, let me drive you back to your truck, this is nuts, we are looking for a needle in a haystack.  Another neighbor pulled up on his Sled, which the snow was getting less and less with the spring melt.  I said well, im gonna drive out to this small shed in the middle of the prairie, maybe hes moved in there since the last time we checked (last night) Dale wouldnt take the ride to his truck.  Thank GOD he didnt, as i wouldnt have gone the way i did.  I drove maybe 500 meters away from where they had been, and there he was!!!! lying on his side in the snow.  Not moving..........  I thought, and said out loud as i turned off the Quad.  OH MY GOD KANE NO!  i thought he was gone........... he lifted his head, stumbled a little bit, and came right to me, i was already on the ground off the quad, not sure how i got there.  Well i stuffed him in my jacket, and tried calling Dale, i was sobbing like a crazy person, i still think Dale thought he was dead but i found him.  I said no hes ALIVE, just phone everyone, he's alive!!!!  So me sobbing, him licking my face like "what the heck is your problem mommy" we tried to share a piece of pathetic cheese strip that i had been carrying around in my pocket the last  36 hrs!  i kept him in my jacket, threw my helmet on the back of the quad and made the trek across the prairie back to the house.  By this time my mom was on the driveway i could see her, jumping up and down like a crazy person too ( i think the neighbors totally GET dog people now, they know we are nuts, its no longer a question)  I thought, nope im driving this guy right up to the house!  I ran in the door, kicked off my boots and snow suit (oh my it was muddy that day!) and phoned my vet Shannon Stuart immediately!  "What do i do? i found him, does he need fluids? what do i do" shannon in her calm voice says "well is he lethargic? concious?" I said "no he's in the cupboard looking for lunch, on his hind legs"  She started to chuckle and said then no, dont come meet me, just start food and water in small amounts every hour.  He's gonna be fine. Cool   So i tried to calm myself down a bit, as the flood of people started to hit the driveway, so many that were out there, came in to see our famous little boy who got threw -20c nights.  No frost bite, not even sore, or lame............ nothing.  He was just as happy to visit with everyone, and man did he have alot of loving up to do that day!!!! Poor boy, cause after that he wasnt aloud out of my sight!  He was fine with that too, gosh i wish they could tell us the story themselves.  What did he see?  how did he get threw the nights when the coyote's were singing?  WHY didnt he come in to my dogs, the morning breakfast ritual is pretty loud and i made sure everyone would hear it across the prairie those days.  But he's home and has no issues from the ordeal.  ~THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED IN EVERYWAY~  From Facebook messages, emails, texts and phone calls all over the world supporting us, it was a amazing thing to know so many were helping us.  
There was the Northwinds show that weekend, i didnt even get there, but Trina & Connie (KanineKru Handling) were staying at our house. They wanted to help and did, i still have this picture in my mind, Connie standing next to me in a field its midnight -20 out and shes in a show suit and shoes, me saying, go back to the house! We thought we had him Friday Night, but lost him as all our big lights went dead.  The girls still wanted to be out there but their job is to show dogs on weekends, so off they went everyday and i know they felt helpless, but the show must go on!  I had dogs entered that weekend also, and they took them in the mornings and showed them for me.   I Got a New CH out of the weekend, and Jackson had more BPIG's and a couple Group Placements!   "MILEY" Ch. Cassbar's Roadside Attraction finished that weekend.   So Thank you girls!

It was the worst weekend in my life, but thankfully it ended well!  That Picture is of Kane about a week before we lost him.  More to follow in the blog. 

Friday 18 March 2011

Will spring come along EVER! : )

Now im just wishing on spring with old pictures!
Well we thought it was here!  warmed up in the plus's, melting began, and woke up to -21 this morning again!    Thinking of Lilies, i so need to see some grass & even ground thats not white!

and my favorite, painted Daisies!

Thats all i have to say for now.  Well didnt say much, it was mostly pictures.   So SO done with winter.