Thursday 12 May 2011

Vegas Baby!!!

We've been to Vegas a few times now, but friends of ours hadnt, so we hit some of the great views of Nevada & Arizona! We did go see the Dam again, and this time at the Grand Canyon, we did a helicopter ride. Here are some pictures

The Bridge from the Hoover Dam. We had driven over it a few times, but never got to see the finished product. Looks Great!

Such an amazing structure, being in the business of big structure work, this feat amaze's us more than the Dam!

This was our Helicopter, we took a picture as it was loading the next crew out. The Helicopter took us over the side of the Grand Canyon, then down to the Colorado River, there we walked down to a river boat, that took us for a ride up the Colorado. She then turned off the motor and we floated back to the dock.

We had a great time on the Boat, and then back up to the Helicopter which flew us back up and over the Canyon wal, back the the Skywalk area to our bus home. We did some walking up at top, Pat & Dale walked up to the Highest point of the canyon.

That is the Skywalk, we had been on it before, so had Dale & Pat go on the Glass floored 4000 foot above ground structure, and we took pictures from the ground :)

Kind of puts life in perspective huh? WOW we are just tiny pieces of the puzzle. Very cool place on earth, glad we have gone and witnessed it.

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