Sunday 1 January 2012

Ok So i said this was the most updated. WHOOPS

Its a few hours before the new year starts.  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone

So the year is just about over, i guess i should do my last 2011 update  :)

We had a great start to the year, with our baby "Jackson" Ch. Cassbar's Man in the Mirror winning 4 Best puppy in Shows, 12 Puppy groups, Multi Group winning, and just as he hit a year old, a Best In Specialty Show!   
He Managed to keep the Top Puppy In Canada spot right into June, but had aged out in March.
We brought him out a few weekends to keep him in training, and working his show training for the year.   He managed to end the year as the #5 Sheltie in Canada! (canuck stats)

Our Horrible moments was that our puppy boy "Kane" had gotten lost in the end of March.   He was so young and it was so cold out there, it was a race to find him before the cold got to him, or the wildlife. By Miracles i found him lying out in a snow bank in the sun, in the middle of nowhere, after 36 hrs out there in the cold.  Finding him IS my highlight of the year.    Thanks to all who came and helped, you know how much that means to us.

Same weekend, our friends and handlers took the dogs entered in the show that weekend and showed them for me.  "Miley" finished her Championship that weekend, so she became Ch. Cassbar's Roadside Attraction.  

From there, her kids also finished this year.   "Harley" owned by Summer Armitt finished becoming Ch. Cassbar's High Performance.   His sister, owned by Renee Hughes also finished, up in one weekend, she is now Ch. Cassbar's Agile Quick Step.   
Our baby Kane was 6 months the weekend of Kenora shows, so was entered a couple days, attaining a BPIG and 5 points, finishing his Championship the next weekend with Multi BPIG's under breeder Judges!.  He is now Multi BPIG Ch. Amanchara Prototype
Also finishing this year is our lovely "Lyric" from Kensil's Shelties. Lyric finished her Ch at 10 months old she is now Ch. Kensil's Lyrical World at Cassbar

Also our "LexixNemo" Litter, Rafiki co owned by Claudia Proctor, showed this little baby to his Championship quickly finishing before he was 9 months of age.  He is now Ch. Cassbar's Circle of Life
"Dart" and his Pilot Jeff Mortensen had a wonderful year, there is so many new titles i would have a problem typing them all.  All i know is this team is amazing to watch, and their achievements are huge!
He is a Triple Champion in Conformation & Agility with titles like this, im in awe
Ch. AtchC Adch Cassbar's Blue Hill True Flyte  Bronze AOM, VBA, MSCDC, EXST- Bronze, EXJ- Bronze, (USDAA) SACH-Silver, SCH-Silver, JCH-Silver, TM-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, GCH,  (Nafa) Onyx

We love the updates you all send.  "Zoom" Ch. Cassbar's Glamoor Midnight Express CDX, RAE, Ag.J has achieved a very rare title in Canada (ckc)  Zoom & Jade were awarded their Herding Championship Arena Title this fall.  He is now a Dual Champion.  

"Levi" Ch. Cassbar's Classic Jeans has earned his OTCH title with Multi High In Trails, Levi end s the year #  6 obedience Sheltie in Canada Owned by my Mom Terry Lambert

"Hope" is now Atch Cassbar's Made me do it is now a agility trial Champion finishing in November this year.   She is piloted by her owner Jo-anne Coulombe
Suzanne Boltd & Token have taken off their first year trialing, and went MADc (Master agility Dog) He also has done some winning in the Breed Ring, now at 4 points. Cassbar's Flyin High again MAD, he has also certified as a working dog & service dog working in seniors homes.

Also have "Presley" sitting at 8 points, and "Bean" sitting on 5 points, will be no time they will be finished too.   

We had tons of titles, firsts, and amazing puppies, teams and homes.
There is a few oldies out there strutting their stuff, Rory the amazing wonder dog has still been out at some trials, and he is 12+ years of age
Some of our young pups are having first of their own, Jovi, weaving 12 poles in consistent manners at such a young age.   Bella who was just to be a active family pet is taking leaps and bounds in Agility classes, these dogs get such confidence from all these different sports.
All these dogs are beloved pets first, and thats the best part of any of the titles or placings.   
Rescue has also been fairly busy, we had 4 Shelties come threw rescue this year.  We had 2 obese shelties, its unfortunate that we lost one, the other is doing well and loosing weight still after 6 months, it may take years.
The other 2 were signed over to me by the WHS & Province, i assume the girls were in a bad situation, probably living in something like a crack house.  :(  Both are re-homed (together) and doing awesome, they have re grown coat and are learning to just be "dogs" the way they should have.  Thank you to those who have adopted our Shelties threw rescue, you do so much for them the time effort and funds that it takes to get these kids back in shape.  THANK YOU!

Im sure i have forgotten something

So We've had one HECK of a year, thank you to all who are part of the fun, friends,  family and all!

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